A world well into its epilogue.

A city shrouded in darkness.

A planet colder each day.



Los Angeles, separated only by a thin glass dome from the hushed apocalypse without, holds tentatively to life. Political tension mounts among its citizens, and change, in some direction, is imminent.

Amelia has worked the same job for years, driven by her older brother to provide for her family as much as she can. But when she runs face-first into an old homeless man with a secret project and a mastery of martial arts — and he agrees to teach her — she starts to grow stronger, though with that strength comes distance from her family. As she struggles to keep old secrets under wraps, Amelia discovers the forces operating against the city and the insurgency at the heart of it all.

Ben is kept safely tucked away in his father’s skyscraper, insulated from the dangers of the world and taught by city-renowned instructors. It’s stifling, and when his sixteenth birthday comes and goes without a glimpse of the outside world, he reaches a breaking point. But being the son of an oligarch isn’t without its perks, among them control of the building’s security system, and he manages to sneak out and return, unscathed and unnoticed. His curiosity soon leads him to dark rabbit holes, though, and Ben begins to suspect his father of illicit dealings with strange characters.

The Earth hurtles through space, growing colder each day, the sun long since disappeared. The human race dwindles, and the last strongholds of warmth and life are flickering. As paths cross and secrets come to light, the fate of more than just a city hangs in the balance.

Part I: Cesium

Part II: Frost

Part III: Ice

Part IV: Glass