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!text s General Resources
!begin-image-links webwork/webwork.null Webwork office-hours/office-hours.null l Office Hours syllabus/syllabus.pdf l Syllabus extra/trig-formulas/trig-formulas.pdf l Trig Formulas !end-image-links
!text s Lecture Notes
!begin-image-links notes/0-calc-1-review/0-calc-1-review.html l Section 0: Calculus I Review notes/1-riemann-sums/1-riemann-sums.html l Section 1: Riemann Sums notes/2-integrals-intro/2-integrals-intro.html l Section 2: Intro to Integrals notes/3-antiderivatives/3-antiderivatives.html l Section 3: Antiderivatives notes/4-ftoc/4-ftoc.html l Section 4: The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus notes/5-simple-applications/5-simple-applications.html l Section 5: Simple Applications notes/6-u-sub/6-u-sub.html l Section 6: u-Substitution notes/7-exp-and-log-integrals/7-exp-and-log-integrals.html l Section 7: Exponential, Logarithmic, and Inverse Trig Integrals notes/8-area-between-curves/8-area-between-curves.html l Section 8: The Area Between Curves notes/9-solids-of-revolution/9-solids-of-revolution.html l Section 9: Solids of Revolution notes/10-arc-length-and-surface-area/10-arc-length-and-surface-area.html l Section 10: Arc Length and Surface Area notes/11-physical-applications/11-physical-applications.html l Section 11: Physical Applications notes/12-integration-by-parts/12-integration-by-parts.html l Section 12: Integration by Parts notes/13-trig-sub/13-trig-sub.html l Section 13: Trig Sub notes/14-partial-fractions/14-partial-fractions.html l Section 14: Partial Fractions notes/15-improper-integrals/15-improper-integrals.html l Section 15: Improper Integrals notes/16-intro-to-des/16-intro-to-des.html l Section 16: Intro to Differential Equations !end-image-links
!text s Homework
!begin-image-links homework/1/homework-1.pdf l Homework 1 homework/2/homework-2.pdf l Homework 2 homework/3/homework-3.pdf l Homework 3 homework/4/homework-4.pdf l Homework 4 homework/5/homework-5.pdf l Homework 5 homework/6/homework-6.pdf l Homework 6 homework/7/homework-7.pdf l Homework 7 !end-image-links
!text s Quizzes and Exams
!begin-image-links quizzes/1/quiz-1.pdf l Quiz 1 quizzes/2/quiz-2.pdf l Quiz 2 extra/practice-midterm-1/practice-midterm-1.pdf l Practice Midterm 1 exams/1/midterm-1.pdf l Midterm 1 Solutions quizzes/3/quiz-3.pdf l Quiz 3 quizzes/4/quiz-4.pdf l Quiz 4 quizzes/5/quiz-5.pdf l Quiz 5 extra/practice-midterm-2/practice-midterm-2.pdf l Practice Midterm 2 exams/2/midterm-2.pdf l Midterm 2 Solutions extra/practice-final/practice-final.pdf l Final Practice Worksheet quizzes/6/quiz-6.pdf l Quiz 6 quizzes/7/quiz-7.pdf l Quiz 7 !end-image-links