!header Math 105 !text b c Welcome to Math 105! We’ll use this page for all of the homework and any other files we may need. You might want to bookmark this page — you don’t need to sign into Canvas to get to it. The class and office hours are held over Zoom here.
!text s Week 4
!begin-image-links exams/final/final.pdf l Final Exam notes/4/week-4-notes.pdf l Week 4 Notes extra/final-topics/final-topics.pdf l Final Topics quizzes/5/quiz-5.pdf l Quiz 5 !end-image-links
!text s Week 3
!begin-image-links notes/3/week-3-notes.pdf l Week 3 Notes homework/5/homework-5.pdf l Homework 5 quizzes/4/quiz-4.pdf l Quiz 4 homework/4/homework-4.pdf l Homework 4 quizzes/3/quiz-3.pdf l Quiz 3 !end-image-links
!text s Week 2
!begin-image-links notes/2/week-2-notes.pdf l Week 2 Notes exams/midterm/midterm.pdf l Midterm extra/midterm-topics/midterm-topics.pdf l Midterm Topics homework/3/homework-3.pdf l Homework 3 quizzes/2/quiz-2.pdf l Quiz 2 !end-image-links
!text s Week 1
!begin-image-links notes/1/week-1-notes.pdf l Week 1 Notes quizzes/1/quiz-1.pdf l Quiz 1 homework/2/homework-2.pdf l Homework 2 homework/1/homework-1.pdf l Homework 1 lecture-archive/lecture-archive.html l Lecture Archive syllabus/syllabus.pdf l Syllabus !end-image-links