Lapsa: Easy, Elegant Slides

Lapsa is the incredibly simple way to build beautiful and interactive presentations. It uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript or TypeScript for its layout and functionality, meaning easy things are easy and nearly anything is possible.

Use the arrow keys, enter, or space to move forward, or swipe up on a touchscreen.

Build and Unbuild with Ease

Give elements the .build class to make them appear one at a time...

...or set the data-build attribute to




Hassle-Free Navigation

Hover over the left edge of the window or swipe right to open the shelf, which contains more navigation options.

Single arrows move a build at a time, double arrows move a whole slide at a time, and the middle button opens the table view, which adapts to fit any screen size.

Bring Your Own Code

Functional builds mean Lapsa slides are as powerful as you can make them. Your code runs when and where you want it, and extra information like target durations lets them look great with Lapsa’s built-in animations.

Lapsa is styled with plain and simple CSS, so the default look of the slides is nothing more than a suggestion — and the possibilities really are endless.

Portable and Publishable

Lapsa has no dependencies and runs just as well locally as on a website, so you can use it both to build and present slides on your own and to publish them to the world.

Lapsa and its documentation is available on GitHub — the easiest way to get started is to download the entire repository and start tinkering with the files under /example-project/.

Happy Lapsing!