!banner !header Me !text s Beginnings
!begin-text-block I was born in Healdsburg, California, grew up in San Luis Obispo, was homeschooled, and took to math at an early age — apparently I understood how pi relates to circles when I was three. I started reading around that time, and that may be why I developed grapheme-color synesthesia, a harmless condition that I’ve come to appreciate having. My childhood was like any other for the most part, but I was drawn to math enough that by the time I was eleven, I started thinking about taking a few classes at the local community college — and when I looked into it, I was surprised to see that wasn’t completely out of the question. !end-text-block !section !text s University Days
!begin-text-block In the end, it was easier than I thought. I was able to register as an enrichment student at Cuesta, and although I was limited to eleven units a semester, I didn’t want to take on more work than that anyway. Being surrounded by students ten or forty years older than me was a unique experience, and one that took a little while to adapt to, but I settled in before too long. Over the next four years, I took twenty-one classes, worked as a tutor, and eventually transfered to Cal Poly, the local university. I was thrilled. Cal Poly demanded a lot more of me, but I made it through two years of classes and research, even finding a community in the university’s Math Lounge. Toward the end of my first year, I began playing with the idea of writing a book, and I whittled an outline in my spare time over the following year. I graduated in Spring 2018 with honors. I chose to take a gap year after graduating to travel to Germany, where I attended a language school for three months and traveled the country. I returned and relaxed over the following summer before packing up my life and moving to Oregon to attend grad school. And for the next six years, I’m here to stay. !end-text-block !footer